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Monday, November 26, 2007

I am sure all you have seen that FORMER Minister of Education, Khaled Touqan, was kept off the new government formed by Nader Dahabi.

Touqan, who received a PhD from the MIT, is more likely to hold a position in the new nuclear power committee, established after Jordan's intentions to develop nuclear reactors for pacific use.

Well, we do not need exact statistics to realize that Touqan is one of the most hated public personalities in Jordan. His educational plans were considered 'catastrophic' by the majority of students as well as instructors, in fact, the 'cowboy' minister who loves excitement and likes to try anything new used to change the Tawjihi system at least once a year; the thing that made us feel like laboratory mice .

Anti Khaled TouqanHow did the net react with this exciting news? By sure several Facebook groups will be closed, one of them is the "Against Khaled Touqan" group, first created for "everyone who suffers learning because of Khaled Touqan Decisions in Jordan" as his administrator said.

Another (very) popular groups is: "ANTI Khaled Tokaaaaan", their members still greet each other for the 'historical event', one of them said: No more Abu Tawele! (a nickname given to the excessively high-grown minister), another who really enjoyed Touqan's resignation shouted: "NO F*UCKIN WAY! A dream becomes true! No More Touqan".

Naturally, as groups are being deleted new ones appears, you can now join a brand new group named "WE ARE FREE FROM TOUQAN :D"! whose creator, with little skepticism, stated: FINALLY, HE'S GONE!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

There is a good thing about the last parliamentary elections, PM Marouf Bakhit will be forced out, I am looking forward to hearing about his dismission :) So let's give Mr. Bakhit a warm Bye Bye, Adios, Sayonara..

And forever we will remember the five most important achievements of his government:
1- Freedom of speech in Jordan is even worse, all online sites are now under government's censorship, the close-down of ATV, a former MP and right-wing politician, Owaidy Abbadi, is now in jail for some declarations he made on a website (well, in reality no one knows of what he was accused). 2- No political freedom.. frauds in municipal elections, rejection of Toujan Faisal's candidacy. 3- Too much poisoned water, shawerma and falafel. 4- Indifference toward workers' demands, under Bakhit's government we had many riots and demonstrations in which poor citizens and workers were brutely thwarted by police, the government's cruel actions against sheep farmers were more appropriate to a Latin-American dictatorship. 5- More privatizations, price rising, and a more unstable economy.

I hope (but I am not sure) that things would be better with Nader Dahabi, he was accused(?) of corruption when he was the manager of Royal Jordanian and add the fact he is -by chance- the brother of the head of the Mokhabarat... wow!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

This is the new Pepsi's Chinese commercial that was shot in Jordan. It is known that Pepsi always makes exciting ads, they spend a lot of money to get famous actors or footballers, and their ads often have special effects and a fine scenography, but this one is really amazing! Take a look..

Note that the Chinese "fighters" are well-known actors in China, by the way, I can't realize how the kid ran away from Jerash to reach Petra... yeah it's a long distance!

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

•  اختلف العلماء في سبب التسمم، منهم من قال أن السبب هو الحمص والفول ومنهم من يلوم الحكومة ومياه الحنفية، أنا شخصياً لا أثق بالحكومة وأشك في روايتها، ولكنني أستغرب كيف أن في بلدة سكانها 15000 نسمة لم يتسمم منهم سوى 300!!! والأغرب في ذلك أن في نفس العائلات ناس قد تسمموا وناس لم يصابوا بأي أذى!

•  كثير من الناس يشكّون برواية الحكومة قائلين أن لا يوجد مطعم في الأردن يبيع 300 صحن حمص (أو فول) في يوم واحد. لا أعرف إذا هؤلاء مقتنعين بإدعاءاتهم وأقوالهم وبتطبيق معادلة شخص مصاب = صحن حمص. (على حد علمي المتواضع يأكل أكثر من فرد من صحن الحمص نفسه).

•  المضحك المبكي أن المطعم المتهَم اسمه ((مطعم العافية))!!

•  صاحب مطعم العافية قال في مقابلة أنه بريء والسبب في التسمم هو الماء، قائلاً أنه بنفسه رأى أن ماء الحنفية كان لونه أصفر وكان كريه الرائحة ومليء بالكلور، وأنه قام بنفسه باستخدام هذا الماء في صناعة الحمص. نشكر صاحب المطعم على توضيحه لمدى معايير الجودة المستخدمة في مطعمه. المصدر

•  نشكر جميع مرشحي جرش (وهم حوالي 40) الذين اندفعوا نحو المستشفى واطمئنوا على صحة المواطنين وبدأوا بتوزيع الهبات على مرضى المستشفى. ونشكر جميع من توجه إلى المستشفى من بلدة ساكب (وهم آلاف) مدعيينً أعراض التسمم، وذلك بسبب إشاعة وجود تعويضات من قبل الحكومة للمصابين!!

•  أتعجب أنه في بلد متحضر وديمقراطي كالولايات المتحدة لا أحد يطالب جورج بوش بالاستقالة بسبب 5200 قتيل سنوياً و 76 مليون مصاب ناتج عن التسممات الغذائية. كم هم متخلفون!!! المصدر

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