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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mr. A Adailah, president of Information and Media Department in the Royal Hashemite Court told PETRA that what some Israeli newspapers reported as comments attributed to King Abdullah were totally untrue.

Adailah said that some Israeli newspapers published some comments wrongly attributed to King Abdullah, these opinions were supposed to have been expressed during the meeting with the speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Dalia Itzik last Thursday.

"The words Haaretz reported have never been said by His Majesty", Adailah said and added, "These statements were amplified by some media, that was a clear offense to Jordan, its leadership and the Jordanian efforts to gain the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people including the establishment of an independent state".

The Royal Court affirmed that a future visit of the King to Israel is possible, an invitation was sent by Israeli PM, but no date for this visit was confirmed.

Adailah also said that HM explicitly said the return of Palestinian refugees to their land and some financial compensation together are a solution to refugees problem that should be solved with the participation of both sides (Israel-Palestine). The Court also expressed that the same enemy Jordan and Israel share is fundamentalism, and not Iran as Haaretz supposed.

The article is here.

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Israeli Media is powerful and has a well-known habit of creating conflicts.

The matter is way too serious this time, and It smashed all the efforts exerted by Egypt and Jordan to bring the peace process into life again. It aroused the anger of the Palestinian government and the Arab populations worldwide.

Those statements should hopefully be fraud.

I don't know man why jordan is putting itself in the first line!!Let the palastenian government deal with israel!!It is non of our business..And to be more honset lets just stay quiet and let the "big guys" play their game!!Talk will get us no where, wether jordan did good or bad, nobody will give a rat ass damn about us, so let play it smart and stay down with no talkign at all..

Mohanned Al-Arabiat:

oh sorry. But Jordan is the most party affected by the Palestinian cause! I don't know what your background is, but the Palestinian cause is the #1 cause in the middle east and could drag the whole area into endless chaos !

The Palestinian government needs the support of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the European Union. The peace process can't go on by itself.

this wouldn't be the first time and it certainly won't be the last.

but that wont change the minds of the people who'll believe it.

Abd, I have all the repsect in the world for palastine and the palastenian people, but the thing is that hamas took the word of the israelies and accused the king, this shows what kind of mindest we are dealing with, And to be more specific there is an elected palastenian government that can act on behlaf of the palastenian people, and by the way I heard the speaker of the palastenian government saying that they are the only ones allowed to talk regarding the palastenian issue..And regarding the word "peace process" this is what you call a catch phrase, there is no such thing as peace and will never be with this mind setting, and this applies to both sides, arabs and israelies..We as a small country can't pay the price for other peoples mistakes..
"but the Palestinian cause is the #1 cause in the middle east and could drag the whole area into endless chaos !"
This has been the case in the middle east since god created adam and eve, and the occupation has been there for the last 60 years, nothing changed except that people now are more recpetable to the idea of a state called "israel".
Jordan is not egypt nor saudi arabiya, we are a small country that can't afford to piss anyone in the world!!!Sad but true, we are dependant on how much other countries are happy wit hour actions..Even hamas has more power than jordan, so we should just stay quiet!!

Yes Abed, creating conflicts is a part of Israel's strategy, you know that and this is not the first time Israel attempt to generate problems to escape from a possible peace solution... it's strange that Israel is involving Jordan so much and less than a month ago Olmert himself said that monarchy in Jordan will fall down shortly.. bah...

Mohanned, unfortunately peace in middle east is our business, is vital for Jordan, especially if we talk about refugees; it is impossible to think of a peace agreement without taking care of refugees rights, the sureness of returning home and gaining adequate compensations (as demanded in UN decisions). And you're right, what Hamas said they only can talk about Palestinians was inexact, most Palestinian refugees are also Jordanian citizens who live in Jordan, they are also a Jordanian issue.

Nas, I agree with you. People should be more aware of what Israel wants us to believe.

i'm not convinced of Jordan's role in Palestine anymore. if the King starts calling for peace, arabs and particularly palestinians start calling him a traitor and that he shouldn't get involved in something that is a palestinian issue.

if the king says nothing, they call him a traitor because he isn't getting involved in the issue.

so if its a damned if he does and a damned if he doesnt sort of scenario, then he might as well continue to be involved simply for the benefit of jordan.

palestine is a problem that affects jordan the most. it is in the best interest for jordan to see a stable palestinian state on its borders. its also in the best interest of palestinians and most of them who live in the occupied territories are pro-peace with Israel regardless of what the media says or what external arabs think. there is no other solution.

true. jordan is too small and can't afford to piss people off. but jordan's size is made up for with its diplomatic relationships, without which the palestinian government would cease to exist and/or function at all. it is a broker, a forced broker at that. palestine has no one else on its side. the real power brokers like saudi arabia and the gulf who can twist israel's arm economically, have no desire or intention to do so.

hence it comes back to diplomacy as the only weapon left in our arsenal. hamas members cant blow themselves up forever.

part of me wishes we were more like morocco or tunasia or all the other arab countries that didnt care about palestine or palestinians, but our realities force us to be involved. there's no choice in the matter. its the same way that palestinians in gaza and the WB can't escape their own realities.


as for the israeli media. like i said it's not the first time, they've done it many times before so it's nothing new. israeli's dont care about the news but people who dont like the jordanian monarchy tend to savor it.

in any case i dont care for both. the latter are a bunch of hypocrites that tend to reject all israeli media as zionist propaganda...unless it's about the king..then of course they're telling the truth.

that's just the way that goes

I believe that Jordan's role should exist and is essential.

I'm with Nas that people will accuse the king regardless of the action taken.

Not acting is never the answer. Poor non educated people would believe anything they see and hear, and are accusing anybody of anything. It's the Intellectuals' responsibility to stand and teach those poor people.

It's our responsibility to explain things to people instead of complaining that they don't understand. In fact, unless at least we talk, propaganda will achieve its goals perfectly.

As muhannad said, all arab countries are small, week, dependent. Doesn't mean they shouldn't act, The Palestinian cause is major crisis and of high priority to whole are. If we are small, then we should do as much as we can, and we should do it smart. Like the king's latest speech to the American congress; this is an action, an effective one.

and please, if we see Palestinians and Jordanians fight in our streets for some stupid racist reasons, we should pity them rather than being furious and share the unnecessary hatred, right ?

I agree to some extent, but sometimes I feel that we should keep quiet, if you want to look around jordan you will only see bullies..
It is funny how we always bring up the pal-jor thing, Dude you know what the problem is?It is that jordanians are loyal to a person and palastenians are loyal to their land..If we can solve this equasion we will live together for thousands of years with no racism at all, and can you notice that jordan acts cautiously not to piss anyone, but yet you find hamas take the word of haretz and believe that the king is a lier, which also goes back to the belief that they have about the hashemites selling palastine!!So in the backgrounds of their heads you can always imagine a hanged poster saying "jordanians are traitors"...

"but sometimes I feel that we should keep quiet"

it's keeping quiet over an injustice that makes it grow.

which (if you want to look at it this way) only creates an even greater problem for us in the long term.

If it is our business then I am all for it, look at syria and what they did to the yarmouk river, it is almost dry..Can we say anything to them? Look at how many jordanians prisoned in syria, look at saudi arabia and the confescation of the tape, so why in the hell do we need to get in the business that is not ours..And notice that I said sometimes, not always...

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