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Friday, March 23, 2007

أتذكر بوضوح موقفاً مررنا به ونحن طلاباً في الصف الثامن أو التاسع... عندما طلب منا أستاذ التربية الفنية أن نرسم لوحة في ذكرى معركة الكرامة، ولكن قبل أن نقبض الألوان الخشبية وقلم الرصاص وقبل أن تتجول في خيالنا الأشكال والفراغات، رفع زميلي يده من على درجه ليوجه الأستاذ المسكين سؤالاً... "سمعت من يقول أن الفدائيين هم الذين حاربوا في معركة الكرامة لا غيرهم"... ارتعد الأستاذ من هذه الملاحظة السياسية التي لا تسمع عادةً في حصص الفن، ولكن من نجاه كان مدير المدرسة المتواجد في الصف مصادفةً، رد المدير على الطالب قائلاً: معركة الكرامة كانت إنجازاً التحمت فيه أطياف الشعب كافة باسم الوحدة الوطنية لمواجهة العدو الغاشم...

بعض الشباب مثلي، الذين لديهم آباء أو أقارب خدموا في الجيش، يعلمون أن هذا الكلام لم تمثل سوى أوهام في أجندة الدعاية للقوات الفلسطينية التي كانت تعمل ضمن الحدود الأردنية، واستغلت هذه القوات تلك الدعاية لرفع معنوية مقاتليها، واستغلتها من جهة أخرى للحصول على المزيد من الدعم المالي الضخم، الذي يعتبر الآن "مفقوداً" في أرصدة تقدر قيمتها بالمليارات، لا يرى الفلسطينيون شيئاً منها.

وعلى الرغم أنه الآن وبعد أربعين سنة أصبح واضحاً للجميع أنه دور القوات الفدائية كان محدوداً في معركة الكرامة، وهذا يمكن أن يكون موضوع بحث لا أتطرق إليه الآن، إلا أن هذا الأمر يستدعي أن نقوم بدراسة معمقة وشاملة للتاريخ الأردني، عسى أن نعطي كل ذي حق حقه لما فيه خير ومصلحة أمتنا.

ومن الجدير بالذكر أيضاً أنه لا يمكن لأي فرد أن ينكر دور كل من الجيش العربي والقوات الفلسطينية في مواجهة العدو، وما نستفيده من ذكرى معركة الكرامة هو شهادة التاريخ بأن هذا العدو هو سهل الهزيمة إن توفرت لنا العزيمة، والأهم من هذا هو أن هذا اليوم يعزز مرة أخرى في نفوس الأردنيين أهمية الوحدة الوطنية... ربما كانت إجابة مدير مدرستي غير دقيقة، ولكن كانت بالتأكيد إجابة مسئولة.

اقرأ أيضا: ناس يحمون الوطن وناس يمحونه - 1

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The headmaster was right.

Let us get the loyalty debate in the open, I am serious..I posted some of the stuff that goes in my mind when I see pictures like the ones you posted..
I am just fed up with this crap.Jordanian interests has to be first!!

You know? There are 4 sides to that story, The Jordanian, the Palestinian, The Israeli, and the truth.
Everyone wants to take credit for success, everyone wants to point fingers for failures

"The first is the battle of Karama in March 1968, when Palestinian guerrillas stood their ground against the Israeli army. More than 100 hundred of them died for the loss of around 26 Israeli soldiers. This was claimed as a victory by the Palestinians, and was presented as a sharp contrast to the failure of the armies of the Arab regimes in the June 1967. Karama became a crucial foundational myth in the development of Palestinian nationalism and also resulted in a tidal wave of support for the Palestinians throughout the Arab world"

To be fair, and you can also check the 50 years war documentary, the jordanian army helped the heroes with artillery, the man behind this help "mash-hoor al jazi" clearly states that he was laying down when a soldier informed him of tanks crossing the border and he gave orders to attack with artillery.

Ok guys, the main goal of the post is that I don't think it's right that every side monopolizes victories. Everyone knows that both the fedayeen and the army had fought against Israelis, my only reservation was about the Karamah, that depended exclusively on ordnance and heavy weapons so it's obvious Palestinian guerillas didn't have a significant role in the battle.
Tito, you know well that are many versions about this, I can extract now a totally different story from another website, anyways, I don't think Gen. Mashoor Jazi said exactly what you cited (check this), in addition most Palestinian leaders have now a totally different view of the Karamah. Ahmad Jibril (head of PFLP-GC, and a big opponent of Jordan) clearly affirmed that Palestinians did not have any role in the battle, he also added that Arafat ran away from battle! :S

إلا أن الاخوة الفدائيين شاركوا وأبلوا بلاءً حسناً في.. حيثما وجدوا، وخاصة في مخيم "الكرامة" لقد قاتلوا قتال مرير، وقدموا ضحايا كثيرة تزيد على المائة، مائة شهيد، وهذا إن دل أنهم كانوا أبطال في هذه المعركة،

وأعطيت تعليمات: عدم الخروج من الخندق بأي حال، لأن المراكز الرئيسية لو خرجنا منها لتقدمت القوات الإسرائيلية حتى عمان.

Although this is clearly biased and exaggerated, thank you for proving my point, I did not say the jordanian army did not participate, but it is very clear that they only helped with artillery, otherwise he wouldn't have said that he gave strict orders not to leave their places.
Show me one sentence that contradicts the fact that the fida2iyeen fought on the ground and the jordanian army only used its artillery.
I can believe ahmad jibril would say that arafat was not there, but about the palestinians not fighting I dont think so, and can you explain how could they lose this big number of people if they were not fighting.

sallimli 3ala il "abtal" illi bil khanadik, o golhom ma yitla3o balash tijihom shathieh tayreh.

With this kind of name I am sure that your ansectors were "feda2yyeh", a bunch of gourillas can't fight an army, oh except for "hizballa" which I bet that you consider them GODS. Let me see your ass cross the border and defend palastine!!As for the heros of the jordanian army I can only say one thing that one them some day told an asshole like you:
"when we were fighting in karamah your dad was eating "gathamah" in the mo7'ayyam, so you don't have a right to say that we didn't fight"
I am not saying that they didn't fight the so called "feda2yyeh" but you have to give credit to the people who fought the real fight.Those so called feda2yyeh killed jordanians in the 70's based on origin..So know what you are talking about before you make any judjments. God bless JORDAN..and bless the souls of our army martyrs..

And by the way Jordan is not a play ground for people like you, If you want to liberate palastine, do it without harming jordan, and when you go outside jordan don't say that there is no such thing as jordan and that you are palastenian(isn't that what you do?)
God!!some people hate to the degree that they hate themselves!!

Mr. Bheem
If you think tito is not a proper name then go look the name "tito mas3ood" up before you make an idiot out of your self.

"As for the heros of the jordanian army"
You dont even know how to spell heroes.

"when we were fighting in karamah your dad was eating "gathamah" in the mo7'ayyam,"
Wow, man you must be the greatest poet of all time.

Dont you find it interesting that you couldnt find anything to establish a logical argument about the original subject.

I googled your name but came with "CRAP".
About the spelling, sorry for the mistake, as you know we jordanians are bedouins who don't know how to write in english.
About the "gthamah" This is not me, that was a general in the army:)And make sure to be warm at night becasue gthameh causes GAS, which in this case came out of your mouth before your ass:)
And I don't need a logical argument for people like yourself because the language that you understand is the language of 9ARAMI(7affayat). I leave the logical argument for people that are educated and not racist like yourself..
THAT was funny as hell, I swear to god I was laughing so hard when I read your comment and wrote my reply..
Yugi: sorry for using your blog, but as they say" hek mathbata bedha hek 7'etem"
O as always, GOD BLESS JORDAN..

First of all:
I hope that anyone who want to comment on my blog will be polite.
Dear Tito, you do not seem so constant in your comments, first you've cited an article in which a Jordanian role is clearly excluded, then you've talked about a doubted story about Mashoor Al Jazi as a sleeping commander that was awaken by another soldier and then at last you've convinced yourself there was a notable role of Jordanian Army... perhaps at the end we will agree on the fact that Palestinian role was minimum :)
I'm sorry but I think it's a kind of hypocrisy to cut someone's words as your pleasure, the two sentences you've written were pulled completely out from the context, and both say explicitly the fedayeen role was inconsiderable...
فالمعركة معركة جيش، واصطدمنا في القوات المسلحة وقوات الدبابات -يعني- هاجمة بدون عقل على كافة المحاور، ---الجمل التي كتبتها أنت---،لكن لم المعركة..لم تكن معركة فدائيين وجيش إسرائيلي.
The role of fedayeen is explained here:
"المعركة معركة جيش لجيش، لم تكن معركة فدائيين إلى قوات مسلحة إسرائيلية، ولو كانت هكذا لدمر العمل الفدائي كله، واحتلت إسرائيل ما تريد."
This clearly means that the battle was between Israelis and Jordanians, and the Fedayeen participation was insignificant...

ًIn another interview when Ahmad Mansour asked this question:
أحمد منصور: لأن أيضا للأسف الشديد حاول الفلسطينيون أن يقولوا أنه هم الذين صنعوا كل هذا النصر في المعركة.
Ahmad Jibril answered:
أحمد جبريل: أنا من شان أكون دقيق يعني تمت مقاومات هناك مجموعات صغيرة لكن هذه الدبابات اللي شفتوها لو ترجع للأرشيف هذه دُمِرت بفعل المدفعية الأردنية وعقدة الاستناد اللي موجودة في منطقة الشونة وعقدة الاستناد في مثلث العارضة عارف كيف..
He also did not deny what Ahmad Mansour has previously said...
استطاعت فتح أن تقطف ثمار الكرامة حتى من الجيش الأردني الذي قام بها؟ استطاعوا تماما أن يحققوا النصر السياسي والنصر الإعلامي الكبير من وراء هذه المعركة التي خاض الجيش الأردني الجانب الحقيقي والأساسي فيها
And he also spoke about Fatah's propaganda books on Karamah Battle (this is my preferred part):
أنا رأيت هذا الكتاب واستغربت يعني منه يعني بدي أحكيه بكل صراحة يعني لو حشاش أراد أن يكتب ويتخيل خيالات لما استطاع أن يضعها في مثل هذا الكتاب الفسفوري اللي حمل الألغام وطلع على الدبابة وفجر نفسه اللي ما بأعرف كيف قصص وأنا استغربت يعني من هذا الموضوع وأنا يمكن يعني شفت إن هذا من التنافس التنظيمي ولم يكن أخلاقي حتى هذا التنافس وراحت الأيام وكاتب هذا الكتاب الشهيد ماجد أبو شرار..
In the interview he also cited the techniques used to prevent the fedayeen from running away from battle.
However, I repeat that this is less significant in comparison with the importance of national unity and the awareness that we have the same enemy...
And my respect to all the Karamah's martyrs.

I never denied the role of the jordanian army in the battle, personally I think it was the factor that surprised the enemy and helped significantly in the victory, of course this does not contradict any of what I said before, this role was helping the fida2iteen with artillery. I did not say that al jazi was sleeping but he was laying down, that was what he said, personally I think he is a great person and a major factor in that victory.
Again show me a sentence in hadeetha's interview that contradicts the fact that jordanian army only helped with artillery.

Here are some better references (the time magazine) that also supports what I am saying

"Last March, an armored column of more than 1,000 Israeli men punched across the Jordan River to destroy a guerrilla base at Karamah. They succeeded, but Karamah became the fedayeen Alamo. In the furious battle, as El Fatah recounts it, one youth strapped a bundle of TNT around his waist and jumped on an Israeli tank, blowing himself up with it. From the surrounding hills, the regular Jordanian army poured a withering fire on Israeli troops, who had to fight their way home, taking high casualties.",9171,839651,00.html

"Israel's targets in the attack were four towns that it claimed were being used as bases for Arab commandos infiltrating into Israel"
“And the Israelis had failed in their aim of wiping out the guerrilla bases”,9171,838079-2,00.html

Even jibril who clearly has a problem with fatah, only talks about who destroyed tanks, again no contradiction.

I never denied the role of the jordanian army in this victory, it is you who is trying to claim it for one side, I have no problem with giving each part credit for what they did.

Tito, I really admire your determination, however, you are trying to persuade people that Jordanian role was "only" in artillery. Well, the Battle of Karameh (as I said) depended exclusively on ordnance and heavy weapon. I think it's more likely that the Israelis retreated under Jordanian bombardment and the Jordanian armed force effective defense, and that 1500 Israeli soldiers with an infantry battalion, tanks and helicopters was primarily affected and constricted to retire from Jordanian artillery and not from fedayeen's Kalashnikovs... and this is why Israel demanded the ceasefire from Jordan and not from Arafat...
I find it so clear that this battle was fought with heavy weapons, this is what al-Jazi, Jibril and I think most that participated in the battle explicitly mentioned...
An important point: I do not deny some Palestinians bravely participated in Karameh, I'm not claiming it for one side; I said that fedayeen's role was a very minor role, and relatively unimportant for the result of the battle (I personally think that if it wasn't for Jordanian army we would have Israeli troops in Salt, Amman and perhaps Irbid).

In the TIME article I did not find anything particular, the article cites the same mythological story about the Palestinian Rambo, as it is written, this is what El-Fatah said, it's evident that it lacks of reality and seriousness, I've talked about this issue in my post, I've gently said it's a silly propaganda to get some political charm and much money, on the other hand, Jibril is sure that who wrote this story was in state of hallucination :)
In addition, the two sentences you've extracted from the article do not say anything about Palestinian role in the battle... check them.

I invite you to read this good article by Andrew Terrill published in the The Middle East Journal, here are some excerpts:

"The March 1968 battle of Karameh was a conflict with limited military importance fought primarily between the Israelis and Jordanians with some Palestinian guerrilla participation. Despite the limited guerrilla role, this battle, nevertheless, became a pivotal event in the emergence of a new Palestinian political identity. It also became an important case study in the role of political mythology in supporting emerging and evolving nationalisms. Demoralized Palestinians seized upon the heroic image of the small group of Palestinian guerrillas who had fought bravely during the battle. The myth about Karameh grew, for the most part, spontaneously because it met critical human needs among the Palestinians. This growth also occurred despite Jordanian and Israeli efforts to provide alternative descriptions of the same events. Distortions created by this myth and the Israeli countermyth can now be assessed using new and more candid sources. Additionally, Karameh also provides an interesting example of how political myths erode as they become less relevant to changing needs among the community they previously served.
On 21 March 1968 a strong Israeli force of around 15,000 troops supported by aircraft entered Jordan and clashed with Jordanian army regulars and Palestinian guerrillas near the town of Karameh (Al-Karama). The town itself is a few kilometers across the Jordan River from the West Bank and about 35 kilometers west of Amman. The 15-hour battle in this area was unexpectedly difficult for the Israelis, but it was not a significant military setback for them. Veteran troops from Jordan's First Infantry Division were the Israeli Army's toughest opponents in this battle, and these Jordanian soldiers fought in a highly professional manner, using armor and infantry forces with artillery support. The approximately 300 Palestinian fighters in the battle, by all accounts, showed great bravery but probably did not inflict many Israeli casualties, due to poor training, limited organization, and an almost total lack of heavy weapons.(1)"

عن جد انت رائع
بلا فدائين بلا خره

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