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Thursday, April 19, 2007

First they've done it with Opeth and Anathema, now with local and Lebanese bands in Rock Grip II, It seems the guys of the Da'ira are working very well to prohibit any possible clustering of metallers, so if you think national security is threatened by Al-Qaeda or Zarqawi, then you are an idiot for sure, the real threat for Jordan is Iron Maiden and James Hetfield! Yeah we must fight these Satanists that are trying to deviate young Jordanians from the right path... The worst thing is that there are jackasses who believe in these silly things !

Good Questions: Will we become a normal country within 100 years or we remain in arrears for the rest of our lives? Is it possible to show a rock concert fully permitted by our f*cking government and preferably without the presence of plain-clothes police officers that ask you a lot of stupid questions like "to what organization you belong?" or "are you Satanist?". What the hell we have to do for listening to some music different from that of Wael Kfoury ?

And all we are victims of those long-bearded hypocrites...

Why the gentle mo5abarat banned this concert? Why we're so backward? There are many things in this country that make me angry but this is on the top of the list, no for real I'm asking myself WHY ???


And to piss you off again these are some (old) pictures you'll like to see >:(

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I don't know what the hell is happening, anyway hopefully we will see another rock concert soon.

we hope that... we need a metal gig as soon as possible...

first i'm not sad they banned anathema..they became a low life hope giving band instead of one of the founders of doom metal,they actually said on their site after the cancellation that " they will always fight and try to give hope,because thats what their music is all about "!!!!!!! u really thing a pissass depressed metalhead wants to listen to hope music ??? i'll shoot myself before i do that...
and for opeth gig i was devistated...truley i stopped breathing when i read the news, i was all dressed up and ready to go to the hotel where they will show up and checked their site to confirm the time when BAM!! cancelled! u see jordan is still so damn lame to think that metal brings filth to this world where haifa and amr fucking diab are " food for the soul"...and after that they ask why are we so damn pissed all the time :@

You are right, Anathema changed completely music style, but for sure they remain a good band to listen to... and anyways, it's wrong that they were banned.
xzeer, you know what's really disgusting? yesterday crowds of jordanian guys went to listen to a man called Wael Kfoury and another called Matwassi? blah... when you see what kind of music some people hear, you can be sure that they are unsane not us!!!

try to involve big money makers in the event...get a wider range of publicity, do what massarri and brian adams did before :) i know this might really disturb you to compare metal concerts with sissy a$$ wipes like massari and brian adams, but money talks...when you have a big shot company sponsoring the event it'll get its way and you'll have your concert :)

FATEN do you know the metal community thinks exactly the contrary? The main reason -they said- was that the gig was held in a famous place and all jordanians have heared about it... anyways the real problem was the WRONG INFORMATION the mokhabarat had, as I said metalheads have bad reputation here :(

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