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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I presume that Arab people started waiting for Qaradawi's new fatwas as they wait for new albums of their favorite singers. This man was totally unknown until he became a fixed figure in the Al Jazeera program, Sharia and Life, in which he answers questions about everything: religion, economics, politics, physics, medicine, flower gardening…

A key member of Muslim Brotherhood, Qaradawi is also an important shareholder of Bahamas-based Al Taqwa Bank. His last fatwa is one in which he obligates Muslims to kill prisoners of war (if they are "war criminals"), just or not, this is the last religious verdict of the well-known list of Interesting Fatwas of Qaradawi:

  1. Getting a loan with interests (riba) is permitted.
  2. Boycott of American and Israeli products is an obligation for all Muslims. (This seems a good one)
  3. Every Muslim must kill US civilians in Iraq (then, he changed opinion).
  4. Muslim should re-conquer Spain, southern Italy, Sicily and the Balkans.
  5. It's forbidden the use of airports and ports in favor of the war on Iraq, he said this in a mosque of Doha, the capital of the country with the biggest US military base (outside USA).
  6. Some interesting 'sexual' related fatwas. (I will not cite in respect of the readers)
  7. Going to cinema is a sin.
  8. Women can commit martyrdom through "suicidal" operations.
  9. He had permitted and then forbidden and then permitted again listening to music and songs.
  10. A fatwa about jokes and another about smoking.

...Be patient! I will post about new fatwas as soon as they are issued by Sheikh Qaradawi.

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Since Qaradawi issued rulings calling for reconciliation with Shiia Muslims and with Iran, to confront the American strategy of encouraging sectarian and ethnic conflicts, and since he supported Hasan Nasrallah in the Israeli war on Lebanon, Qaradawi has been subjected to an intense vilification campaign. Go figure.

the so called muslim brotherhood is nothing but a bunch of mother F%$!ers. They should be hanged from their balls..Just live and let people live however they want to!!I can't imagine the day that they will control the parliment which they will, and this day will be the day I divorce Jordan!

Al-Azhar lost the credibility and has become an obvious puppet ruled by Hosni Mubarak...

so let's not take them seriously and let's not take any fatwa that comes out of their mouthes.

I posted a video by Al-Tantawi, you might want to watch it.

again, let's not take them seriously, and let's put them to where they belong.

so sad an Islamic monument like Al-Azhar become corrupted in such dirty manner.

I believe the issue here is that some people are willing to turn their "brain switch" off when it comes to fatwas. Just because someone, Qaradawi for example, says something it doesn't mean it's the absolute truth.

Some people mistakenly take fatwas as an exemption of guilt and responsibility.

1- First of all, calm down mohanned, I assure you that muslim brotherhood will not take control of the parliament ;)
2- Abed, I watched the video of Tantawi (he seems 'wage3 mn tayyarah') I also watched another video on Oleander's blog... and yes, they are the best theologists we have.
3- Qaradawi is free to support Nasrallah, and to try to make peace between Sunnis and Shiia (that's a good thing), I know that some people do not like that, however these upsetting fatwas are not invented, he did issue them!

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