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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Do you remember the movie they shot in Jerash about war in Iraq? I've found its trailer and the behind the scenes on YouTube, both clearly shows the downtown, Jerash citizens in their daily activities and even the famous Mitsubishi pickups used in Jordan. All this makes the film's location more similar to Jordan than Iraq. (Yes, I know there's little difference, but it is so evident they are in Jerash!!)

Battle For Haditha

This is the link to the trailer cut to run at Cannes Film Festival in May. Movie is supposed to premier at the end of the year.

The springy atmosphere and the green hills do contrast the tragic story, which reveals the massacre of 24 men, women and children in Haditha in Iraq, allegedly shot by 4 U.S. Marines in retaliation for the death of a U.S. Marine killed by a roadside bomb.

The movie follows the story of the Marines of Kilo Company, an Iraqi family, and the insurgents who plant the roadside bomb. New York Times asked if this film will be the Iraq's Apocalypse Now.

About the movie, its name is Battle For Haditha, it is written and directed by Nick Broomfield, and it's now in post-production.

Errata Corrige: I've mentioned before that the movie was Redacted, that is another movie shot in Jordan at the same time, I'm sorry but I've cited that citizens were not allowed to encounter the crew and ask about the film. And by the way, this morning I've read that DePalma's Redacted stuns Venice Film Festival!

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MUi (subversive mode: ON)
Imperialism is great guys, someone will even get money on the skin of that poor people.
As they say "Justice is not of this world"..

MUi (subversive mode: OFF)
Cinematography doesn't seem so good and I think that they arranged the story in a "the bad guys are on both sides, let's work together for a better world" manner (disgusting forced good feelings :p) and yes, it's clearly jarash (but I think that a western eye will not notice the difference). bye ;)

Hi MUi! your subversive modes (ON, OFF) don't seem so different :)
However, I have to say that this movie will present the Haditha killings to the world, one of the several massacres caused by the US occupation of Iraq which, unfortunately, was definitely hidden by US media :(

Haditha does not have hills or much of a green cover.

Homes in Haditha don't have stones as insulation layers. Sky is not so blue in Haditha as in Jerash.

Good post Issa, I've talked about a similar thing here in this psot

Why Jerash? When they could be shooting in Mafraq which is closer to Haditha?

Thanks Firas,
Someone told me that Maan is very similar to Haditha, I have also seen some pictures of Haditha (with a lot of palm trees there), and by sure it doesn't look like Jerash..

The concept of the movie was to not focus as much on the green bushes and stuctures of Haditha as it was to focus on the realism and real experiences of the actors and the characters that they portay. The city of Jerash is far from identical to Haditha obviousely it is a tourist destination as was Haditha many years ago, however all of the arabic people and writing i.e signs on stores license plates, as well as calls to prayer and sunni clothing made it a lot more convenient and realistic than a Hollywood Califoprnia studio. The movie is explaining the tragic consequences of an unecessary quamire where every side looses. Come on guys can't you realize that.

who ever created this movie is unintelligient person/human been.
Obvisiouly is stupid and dosnt know what F* is going there

Good for people to know.

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