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Monday, January 29, 2007

On June 10 and July 7, 2003 NASA's twin robot geologists, the Mars Exploration Rovers were launched toward Mars. Primary scientific goals of the mission were to search different types of rocks and soils, in addition to discover the sites affected by liquid water in the past. Several photos of the red planet were taken as the robots are supplied with several cameras, one capable of taking images of the surface and sky of Mars and other microscopic cameras to zoom rock and soil targets.

In 2007, after three years from Spirit and Opportunity landing (the twin rovers), NASA announced a contest to choose the best photos of Mars, the voting began on January 3, and ended on January 24, and these are the winners (presented in order):


The sun sinks beneath the rim of Gusev Crater on May 19, 2005.

Dazzling Dunes

As Opportunity crept to the bottom of Endurance Crater, the rover investigated dune crests in false-color, seeing a "blue" tint from hematite-containing spherules ("blueberries") that accumulate on flat surfaces.

Cape Verde

Scientists named this dramatic cliff "Cape Verde" and all features at Victoria Crater in honor of locations on Earth that Magellan explored in the 1500s.

Blueberries on Mars

When some scientists first saw these strange beads of hematite, the spheres seemed like "blueberries" embedded in a "muffin" of martian soil.

Wheel Tracks

Hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, a pair of wheel tracks chronicles the rover's journey across a rocky, sandy, rippled slope above a broad Martian plain.

(Photos' descriptions from

Click if you want to see the other photos or the results of Saturn's photo contest.

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amazing! (._.) ur posts are really valuable! keep up the good
work!( ^_')b
btw, why yugi?^^; its not the yugi of the popular card game,is it?? (o_O)

hey YuGi

I reached ur blog through "Amani's World" !

you've got a very neat theme, I think I've gotta update mine :angel:

so what's your name ?? Do I know you ?? :)

I maintained a list of bloggers from our university, i will add your blog and update the list today..

good to meet you anyway :)

Thanks Amani! You're so kind ... Arigatou Gozaimasu

Abed, the list is a nice idea, you have done a hard work to collect all our blogs... allah y3teek el3afyh... I'll put a link to your blog in a little while.

PS: Yugi is how the call me in the CS department, the reasons for why I was tagged as Yugi are until now unknown :) this nickname is (unfortunately) so popular, so anyone can ask 3rd year students about me (Yugi or Issa)

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